Rules and regulations

Parents are expected to co-operate with the school so that every student may derive maximum benefit from the education process.

Co-operation in certain specific areas, listed below is the minimum expected.

  • Please read the rules listed in the diary and ensure that your child conforms to those rules.
  • Check the diary and look in to the following:
    • Absent and Late Coming Record.
    • Teacher's Remarks Record.
    • Notices and Circulars.
    • Discipline, Uniform & Personal Appearance Record.
  • Parents or Guardians are requested to take prior permission from the Principal if they desire to meet their children during school hours.
  • In case parents/Guardians are willing to visit the school campus, they should come with ID card issued by the school, without the ID card they will not be allowed inside the campus.
  • No pupil should wear any expensive jewellery. Loss of any such article will not be the responsibility of the School.
  • Pupil must adhere to the rules and regulations of the School, failing which they are liable to suspension or expulsion.
  • Parents need to visit the website on a regular basis to keep themselves updated of the school activities.
  • Pupils must attend school regularly. Attendance on the reopening day after each vacation is compulsory.
  • Leave notes are to be written in the columns provided for this purpose in the school diary. Reasons for leave should be specified clearly.
  • Pupils are required to wear prescribed school uniform while attending school.
  • Pupils are always expected to be polite in speech and courteous in manner. Neatness and cleanliness in dress and person will always be insisted on.
  • Students will not be allowed to write the next test or exam, if the parents fail to collect their son's report card on the day of the Parent Teachers Meeting.


  • Parents must collect the progress report of their children on the dates specified in the school calendar.
  • Hair
    • Boy's hair should not be long enough to come over the shirt collar or over the ears.


    • Girl's hair should look well- groomed and modest.
    • Hair should be plaited in two and tied up if it is more than should length.
    • Ribbons and clips, if used should be blue in color.
    • No special decoration of hair is allowed.
    • No make-up is allowed.
    • Finger rings, bangles and jewellery- not allowed

Finger nails- neither to be painted nor allowed to grow long.

School Timing

Monday to Friday: Lower K.G: 9:00 a.m 01:00 p.m Upper K.G to IVth 9:00 a.m 3:00 p.m
Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00 a.m 1:00 p.m & 2:00 p.m 3:00 p.m

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